Lovegra, the pink pill that boosts women’s pleasure

Lovegra is one of the popular forms of Viagra tablet, and is developed particularly to treat sexual dysfunction among women. This medicine is usually pinkish in color and is packaged in blister packs of 4 tablets. In these days, problem of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) has become a serious issue. As a result, many GPs and specialists are starting to prescribe lovegra tablet for women in order to recover their sexual drive by enhancing the sensitivity to lovemaking arousal at the time of sexual act. In fact, the main aim of this medicine is to treat sexual dysfunction. The problem of impotency contributes to low sexual arousal, low desire, inability to reach orgasm and problem with lubrication. In fact, research has found 40% of women are suffering from problem of sexual dysfunction at certain point of their life. Lovegra pill are cost-effective and are considered as boon for women as they treat women’s impotence. Since it improves blood flow to clitoris, enhances pleasure and assist in achieving adventurous love. In fact, it acts as a women sexual enhancer.
Throughout history, sexuality, and more specifically that of women, has been a taboo subject. It was not until the twentieth century that we began to talk about it more freely, and sexology became a serious subject of study.
If human societies have always sought the aid of aphrodisiac products throughout history, these products were mostly men. So it’s no surprise that the first pill that was put on the market to combat sexual dysfunction was marketed to men.
This is how Viagra appeared in 1998 to fight sexual impotence. However, scientists have found that the active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil citrate, also helps women who suffer from lack of sexual desire, or unsatisfactory sex.
This is how Lovegra was born, Viagra for women. This pink pill promotes the influx of blood into the erogenous zones of the woman to increase her desire and pleasure. The sensitivity of the erogenous zones is reinforced, which increases the excitement, and can therefore improve the lubrication, finally leading to orgasm.
How to take Lovegra?
The pill is taken about an hour before the scheduled start of sex. The Lovegra is effective between 4 and 6 hours depending on the woman who takes it. It is recommended not to drink because alcohol decreases the effectiveness of the pill. It is also advisable not to eat heavy if you plan to take Lovegra, for maximum results.
Start with 50mg at first, the recommended dose for the majority of women. If necessary, you can then go to 100mg. Do not exceed the dose of 100mg per day.
Side effects and contraindications
Taking Lovegra may cause side effects, such as redness of the face, headache, stuffy nose, dry eyes, or mild nausea. These effects are often related to dehydration and can be controlled by drinking plenty of water.
Other possible side effects are mild vision problems, which are also mild. On the other hand, if they were to be severe, which is very rare, it will be imperative to consult as soon as possible.
Women who are prone to heart problems, but also have problems with blood pressure and other illnesses, should be very careful when taking Lovegra. If you have general health problems, that you are taking medication, it would be wiser to consult your doctor to see if taking Lovegra is compatible with your health.

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